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Customized Frequency Journeys

A Sonic Affirmation is a customized musical selection, a "Frequency Journey" that uses your own voice and words of affirmation to help you internalize and manifest your goals. Chris Sholar, a Grammy Award-winning producer combines your recorded affirmations with soundscapes of music, sound bowls, nature sounds and various instruments to bring you the powerful sonic landscape of your own personalized Frequency Journey.


Words of Affirmation are powerful tools that can transform how we perceive and interact with the world around us. By taking a few moments to speak intentional affirmations on a daily basis, we create meaningful connection to both ourselves and our goals on a deeper level, fine-tuned for our mind, body and spirit. Research has shown that repeating affirmations can have profound effects on self healing, happiness, and mental health. This is why Chris invented Sonic Affirmations - in order to provide an easy way for those seeking support to connect with the power of affirming words.


Put on some headphones for an even greater experience and speak these words aloud. Through this experience you can nurture your soul with vibrant sound vibrations that wash you in the highest healing frequencies. Tap into a realm of inner transformation and elevate your practice with Sonic Affirmations.

"Allow me to score your guided meditations and affirmations."

- Chris


These previews are *demonstration only*
Each journey is uniquely crafted.
No two are ever alike.

Percussive drums  Rhythmic patterns 
Native Indigenious Sounds


Water, Birds, Rainforest
Rustling leaves, Sounds of nature


Dreamlike Atmospheres
Ethereal melodies, Soundbowls


Beats, grooves
Hypnotic vibes


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