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Chris Sholar Meditative Vibes EP cover

Take a Dive deep into a state of centeredness with my new single "Let Go” from my Meditative vibes & Frequency Journeys EP.

 🧘🏾‍♂️ 🧘 Close your eyes, take a deep breath and tune out all the noise and dissonance of this world. This music was made for calming your mind, decompressing and increasing mental clarity. Tap into your inner peace

Dream with me 💫 Close your eyes, set your intention and envision a world of new possibilities. A place where you are safe. Let’s take a journey together into the depths of our imaginations and rediscover our hearts deepest dreams. Manifest your desires that were forgotten or dormant for far too long. Let this song be your guide, and come #DreamWithMe! 💫


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