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Grammy Award-winning music producer and composer Chris Sholar is one of the most in-demand guitarists in the world of R&B and Hip Hop music. He has worked with the top names in the music industry, a diverse range of artists from Stevie Wonder to Snoop Dogg. He's performed everywhere from concerts at Carnegie Hall to arenas at Glastonbury to the NFL Super Bowl Gala.


Over the past 20 years, Chris has recorded, performed and toured with countless artists including Beyonce, Whitney Houston, and A Tribe Called Quest. He is a two-time Grammy Award winner from his collaborations with Jay-Z and Esperanza Spalding.

Chris’s music has been featured on some of the top TV networks and brands like New York Fashion Week, New Balance, Dodge Dart, ESPN, New York Knicks,  BET, VH1, MTV. He also has music in mega films such as “Safe House” starring Denzel Washington and “The Great Gatsby” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. 


As an educator Chris has had the opportunity to be a guest facilitator/teacher at prestigious institutions such as Harvard University, Carnegie Hall and TEDx.

Chris is a 2023 Creative Capital “Wild Futures: Art, Culture, Impact” Awards recipient. Creative Capital awarded 50 groundbreaking projects—comprising 66 individual artists—focused on Technology, Performing Arts, and Literature, as well as Multidisciplinary and Socially Engaged forms. Chris is recognized for his ability to create intersections of music, technology and the human experience that deeply resonate and challenge audiences to see the world in new ways.

In recent years Chris has been exploring the healing power of music and meditation, fusing the intersection of beats, soundscapes, and positive affirmations. His diverse musical experiences and interests result in a fresh, unique take on meditation music which he calls “Frequency Journeys.” Chris now considers himself a soundscape artist who creates musical scores for meditative and spiritual experiences. He is now sought after for his ability to hold sacred space in live performances.


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